12U Team

Hello Nevada Wolverines Players & Parents:

Welcome to our 2017-18 season! My name is Cory Clemetson and I am heading up the Nevada Wolverines program and head coaching the 5th & 7th grade teams. Quick background on myself: I’ve spent the last 35+ years in sports — as an athlete, sports agent, and coach. I grew up in the Bay area and played multiple sports before focusing on basketball and eventually playing Division I college basketball for the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. I spent 12+ years as a soccer sports agent managing a majority of the men’s national team at one time. For the last five years, I’ve coached 25+ youth sports team for my two children across soccer, basketball and baseball, including the Nevada Wolverines team the past two years since moving to Reno with my family in 2015.

I would also like to introduce my wife, Deb Clemetson, who is our program director. Deb spent 15+ years in marketing consulting and served on the AYSO soccer Board in the Bay area. She has also served as auction chair and on various marketing/development committees in the Bay area and in Reno. Deb will manage all team logistics/support including rosters, player info and fees, tournament registration, uniforms and practice/game schedules.

Also actively involved in our program are Garry Hill-Thomas, founder of Nevada Wolverines, and Eathan O’Bryant – both of whom are UNR all-time greats and active in basketball in the community. We appreciate their support behind-the-scenes with everything from uniforms to practice facilities to lending expertise at occasional workouts and games. Garry will also be coaching his son’s 3rd grade team.

We are excited for this season and want to give you a snapshot of our program’s philosophy and expectations as well as some dates and logistics for this season.


  1. Nevada Wolverines: Our Philosophy.

The Nevada Wolverines philosophy is to create the most unique, challenging, competitive and fun basketball experience for the more advanced youth player in our region. One of our team mottos is: We’re not afraid to play anyone and we will play anywhere! Our coaching staff is made up of coaches who have all played or coached basketball at a very high level. We have a strong emphasis on developing and improving each player’s individual basketball skill sets, helping them improve their understanding of the game, and teaching each player the importance of team play and good sportsmanship both on and off the court.


  1. Nevada Wolverines Our Team Expectations

We want to share some team expectations so all players and players’ families are on the same page as we kick-off the new season. We ask each player and player’s family to come to the season with the following: respect, commitment, direct communication. As a team, we agree to show respect at all times to fellow teammates, coaches, referees, opposing teams and parents. In terms of commitment, players agree to give 100% effort. Players will have a positive attitude and be open to coaches’ suggestions on new techniques or shaping of skills – knowing the coaches only want to help players become great players with sound fundamentals in future years. In terms of direct communication, if players or parents have any questions or concerns, big or small, please just talk to the coaches or Deb at any time. We can only address what we know. Also if you run into any schedule conflicts or are just running late to a game or practice, please always remember to text, call or email the coaches to let us know. Thank you for sharing these expectations with the kids.


  1. Practices.

The practices for both teams will be held at the Kids Cottage, 2075 Longley Ln, Reno, NV 89502. The practice days will be Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30PM-7PM STARTING on Tuesday, October 24th.‚ We are also looking into the possibility of adding a Sunday practice and will keep you posted. Also we understand that some of you are finishing up on your football season or other fall commitments. If you are unable to make some of these initial practices, please just let us know.


  1. Team Site, Calendar & Spring Tournaments.

Deb will be setting up a Shutterfly team site that will list practice/game calendar, player info and availability, and send out auto alert reminders before practices/games. It will also be a central location to share game photos or videos. Also, the coaches are working on a tentative spring tournament schedule that will include both local tournaments as well as a few in California. Once we have some dates/locations picked out, we will reach out to the teams/families to find out availability.


  1. Costs.

There will be no cost to anyone for the October, November and December practices. Once we finalize our team budget and 2018 tournament schedule, we will determine what the cost will be to each player to participate in the program. This will be the “per season” fee and it will be communicated and collected in January 2018 prior to our first tournament. I anticipate the cost to include the following: a general program fee, uniform package fee, and costs associated with games/tournaments for the 2018 year. Please note that this fee will not include any travel or hotel expenses.


  1. Playing Time.

As most of you know, AAU basketball is different than recreational basketball. In AAU, players are not guaranteed minutes or starts for any game during the season. Having said that, our philosophy at Nevada Wolverines has always been to make sure every player gets a chance to play in every game. We also try to make sure that each player on the team can at least start a game or two throughout the course of the season. As an example, every player on our Jr. Wolverines team last year started multiple games. If you have any further questions regarding this topic, please feel free to contact me directly. We will address this issue again at a parents’ meeting when we get closer to our 2018 spring tournament season.


  1. Recreational Basketball League Participation. We have no issue with any player participating in recreational basketball in addition to playing in our program during the winter season. If your son is participating on a recreational team or another team please let us know in advance so we can plan for his attendance accordingly. This will help us as we are putting together our game and tournament schedule.


In conclusion, we are really excited to get the kids back in the gym and to getting the 5th and 6th grade teams together. I know there was a lot of information to absorb in this email so please feel free to call or email me with any questions that you may have.

To confirm I have the correct email addresses AND that your player WILL be attending the first practice on Tuesday, October 24th, please email me by Friday, October 20th.

Thank you, again. I look forward to seeing everyone at the FIRST practice on Tuesday, October 24th!

Best regards,

Coach Cory Clemetson

Nevada Wolverines Basketball