Academic Support (Children’s Cabinet Programs)

SAT/ACT Prep Workshops

Designed to develop or provide a vehicle that will allow student athletes to attend SAT/ACT workshops prior to taking the test. This program hopes to assist the many athletes who struggle with the SAT/ACT. These struggles may be alleviated in large part by adequate preparation through access to SAT/ACT preparation courses.

Stay On Track Program

We believe that one of the major reasons student athletes fall behind academically is due to lack of guidance. Oftentimes athletes are not aware of how important school is when it comes to home work, tests scores, taking the proper classes, and evaluating transcripts. These points are the first thing colleges and college recruiters want to know about the student-athlete. This program will assign members and others from the community to an individual student athlete to act as monitors and manage the above activities. The monitors will meet with their student athlete, develop and agree on a weekly study plan, short and long term goals, and evaluate the student’s progress. The monitor will be well versed on NCAA requirements and will also act as liaison between teachers and student if intervention is required.

Tutorial Program

This program will provide access to tutors for student athletes that are struggling in various subjects. Tutors will also be available to any student athlete that participates in the program.