Image The Nevada Children’s Cabinet Wolverines is a program within the “The Children’s Cabinet, Inc., A Child and Family Resource.” Our federal tax identification number is 77-0097156.

The Nevada CC Wolverines was formed to help children in the development of social, athletic and academic skills. The goal of our program is to foster positive growth and development of students throughout their elementary school, middle school and high school years with the ultimate achievement being successful college careers. The Nevada C.C. Wolverines strives to help our participants in achieving an academic level that will help them with college admissions and/or be eligible for a college scholarship through sports.

Donations aid in providing resources for:
– players that are not able to afford the program,
– players to pay for adequate meals while traveling to tournaments,
– the program to travel a many underprivileged  youth as possible.

To make a donation for the Nevada CC Wolverines or to hear more about the Children’s Cabinet’s programs contact:

Michael J. Pomi, Executive Director
775-856-6200 or