Goals & Objectives

Nevada Wolverines:

Our Philosophy.

The Nevada Wolverines philosophy is to create the most unique, challenging, competitive and fun basketball experience for the more advanced youth player in our region. One of our team mottos is: We’re not afraid to play anyone and we will play anywhere! Our coaching staff is made up of coaches who have all played or coached basketball at a very high level. We have a strong emphasis on developing and improving each player’s individual basketball skill sets, helping them improve their understanding of the game, and teaching each player the importance of team play and good sportsmanship both on and off the court.


Our Team Expectations.

We want to share some team expectations so all players and players’ families are on the same page as we kick-off the new season. We ask each player and player’s family to come to the season with the following: respect, commitment, direct communication. As a team, we agree to show respect at all times to fellow teammates, coaches, referees, opposing teams and parents. In terms of commitment, players agree to give 100% effort. Players will have a positive attitude and be open to coaches’ suggestions on new techniques or shaping of skills – knowing the coaches only want to help players become great players with sound fundamentals in future years.

In terms of direct communication, if players or parents have any questions or concerns, big or small, please just talk to the coaches at any time. We can only address what we know. Also if you run into any schedule conflicts or are just running late to a game or practice, please always remember to text, call or email the coaches to let us know.